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Forum (BBS)

This forum is for talking about such as Metasequoia questions, requests and bug reports.

About error report

When you are using the Metasequoia, an error will occasionally occur.

When the application is abnormally stopped by the error, Please post a description of the error situation to BBS.
A crash report is generated when Metasequoia crashes. When you post a problem with the BBS, please post the crash report file together.

Metasequoia for Windows

"crashlog.(No.).txt" is generated in the folder below.

32bit version
C:Users/(User name)/AppData/Roaming/tetraface/Metasequoia4
64bit version
C:Users/(User name)/AppData/Roaming/tetraface/Metasequoia4_64
Others, such as cases where the installation folder has been changed
Folder that Metasequoia.exe is installed

Metasequoia for macOS

Please refer to the crash log in the following steps.

  1. Start the console in the Utility of Application folder.
  2. Please look for the report whose names begin with "Metasequoia" from "User Diagnostic Reports" or "System Diagnostic reports" in Console. Look at the date of the report, select the ones with the crashed date and time.
  3. Right-click the report and click the "Reveal in Finder". Copy the files, please post to the forum.

If the crashlog has not been generated

If an error occurs, sometimes crash log is not generated. Please write the following items.

Please tell me these to the extent that you can be seen.