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Compare editions

In Metasequoia 4, two types of license (Standard / EX) are available.

The following table is a comparison chart of each edition and the old version.

    Metasequoia 4 (Ver4.6)
  Ver3.1 no license Standard EX
64bit supportWindows 64 bit version is supported. You can process data by using memory 2GB and more. - ok ok ok
Running on Mac OS XmacOS or OSX (OS X 10.9 or later) is supported. - ok ok ok
Vector based GUI for a high resolution monitorButtons and icons are displayed by vector image easy to see. - ok ok ok
N-gon (>=5)Polygons don't limited to triangle or quadrangle. You can add edges or vertices without limit of shape. - ok ok ok
Snap to vertices, lines, facesYou can edit objects along vertices, edges, faces or grid. This edit option is switched On/Off. - ok ok ok
Fill a hole upYou can fill a hole of object automatically. - ok ok ok
BridgeYou can create a bridge object from hole to hole automatically. - ok ok ok
FilletYou can create a fillet surface (a rounded corner). - ok ok ok
Create text objectsYou can create text objects with specifying font type and object's thickness. - - ok ok
Unit displayMeasure supports units, mm / cm / inch / feet. You can display units on 3D view. - - - ok
Local coordinates & hierarchy of objectsYou can operate objects in the local coordinates of each object. And can deform child objects with deforming parent objects. ok ok ok ok
Polygon reducerPolygon reduction is reducing vertices with keeping a shape of an object. - ok ok ok
Vertex colorYou can set the color at each vertex. - ok ok ok
Ambient occlusionAmbient occlusion is expressing shadow, it makes dark color in the secluded part, and bright color in the opening part. - - - ok
Blobby objectBlobby object can create smooth surface object. ok ok ok ok
OpenSubdiv'OpenSubdiv', Pixar's subdivision surface is supported. - ok ok ok
Vertex/Edge weight for subdivision surfaceBy setting weight to subdivision surface, you can make a object having both curved and flat faces. - ok ok ok
ArmatureSet the center lines and object's width, an object along lines is created. - - -(*1) ok
PathCloneYou can duplicate an object to multiple, along path line. - - ok ok
BoneYou can set bones to objects. Objects with bones can be posed. - - ok ok
MorphMorphing is creating an object by synthesizing two objects with interpolating. - - ok ok
UV editYou can edit UV coordinates and set texture image. (Update in Ver4.6) - -(*2) -(*2) ok
SculptYou can edit objects by scraping or raising the surface of polygons like sculpting. ok ok ok ok
3D paintingYou can paint to texture image of an object directly on 3D view. ok ok ok ok
Multiple lightsLight sources can be installed up to 3. ok ok ok ok
Real-time shadowShadow by lights can be displayed on 3D view immediately. - - - ok
Order independent transparencyDepth of overlaped semi transparent objects can be displayed accurately. - ok ok ok
Bump, normal map displayBump and normal map can be set by texture image. ok ok ok ok
Vertex normalYou can change shading of the object by editing the direction of vertex normals. (New in Ver4.6) ok ok ok ok
Three orthogonal viewsYou can split working screen and display top, front, left as 3 fixed views. ok ok ok ok
Second viewSecond view is another window differently from main window. It can be displayed 3D view. - - - ok
Background imageIt can import draft image and display it on back of 3D view. ok ok ok ok
Measure a length, an angle and a thicknessYou can measure length or angle of an object. - - - ok
VoxeloidIt is command changing polygon of an object to voxel. (Update in Ver4.6) - - -(*3) ok
Solidify texturesYou can convert pattern of textures to polygon by brightness or transparency of texture image. (Update in Ver4.6) - - -(*3) ok
Ray tracing renderingYou can render objects with tracing shadow of light sources accurately. - - ok ok
Toon renderingYou can rendered objects with outline and shadow like cell animation. ok - ok ok
Support RenderMan (*4)You can use Metasequoia 4 as support software of Pixar RenderMan, to render high-quality image. - - -(*5) ok
User Plug-insYou can make custom plug-in or use plug-in made by other users. ok - ok ok
Python scriptYou can make custom script by Python. (Update in Ver4.6) - - ok ok
File browserUsing file browser, you can check thumbnail and preview of files supported by Metasequoia. - ok ok ok
Original format (MQO) export/import ok ok ok ok
Export: SUF, COB, X, POV, DXF, LWO, 3DS, OBJ,
ok - ok ok
Export: three.js JSON, PMD - - ok ok
Export: FBX, PLY, AMF - - - ok
Export: 3MF (New in Ver4.6) - - ok ok
Export: glTF (New in Ver4.6) - - ok ok
Import: SUF, DXF, LWO, 3DS, COB, ROK, OBJ ok ok ok ok
Import: STL, PMD - - ok ok
Import: FBX, PLY. DAE(COLLADA 1.4/1.5), SVG - - - ok
Import: 3MF (New in Ver4.6) - - ok ok
Import: glTF (New in Ver4.6) - - ok ok
Supported image format: BMP, JPG, PNG, IFF, TGA, PPM, TIFF, PSD ok ok ok ok
Supported image format: DDS - ok ok ok
Supported image format: HDR, OpenEXR - - - ok