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Supporting RenderMan command - Denoise option

In Metasequoia 4 (Ver.4.5.7), Denoise option of RenderMan is set from Metasequoia command.


You can get noise-less image from small samples by using denoise filter after rendering.

How to setting

You can set using denise filter in [RenderMan > Rendering setting].

*RenderMan ver.20 or later is necessary to use denoise filter. Please download a last version from RenderMan official website if you use a previous version.
*Output is [File] only, when [Denoise] option is available.

Compare rendering results

*To click image, display large image.

Rendering results
Max samples 32 1024 32
Denoise Off Off On
Rendering time 16s 8m 44s 38s

A rendering image of low samples is blurred by much noise. When you want to get more clear image, you must set higher [Max samples]. But it takes very long time.
Denoise option filters noise from a image after rendering. Therefore rendering time will take lesser time.

Max samples 1024 / Denoise off Max samples 32 / Denoise on

Comparing by magnified image, filtered image is distorted.

You can use the each options depending on your purpose.