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New features for Metasequoia 4.5 (Ver4.5.6)

(1) Anchor of Bone is added.

[Anchor] is added in [Bone] for adjusting weight of bones.

It is the feature that set automatically weight by placing anchors of each bone.

The previous function, [Sphere] is changed the name to [Ellipsoid], and moved under [Anchor]. Further, [Closed region] is added newly.

Weight setting by [Closed region]

Distribution of weight is as left in the following figure when you set weight automatically by [Skin setting].
Distribution on the joint of each bones is set minimum.

Only polygons on joint are distorted when the bone is moved. It looks angular.

In [Closed region], the range of effect from each bone is inside a object displayed by blue line. Place anchor objects on overlapped each, and click [Apply weight].
Weight is set as gradation color in overlapped anchors.

When weight is set as gradation color, bone is bent as more curve.

In [Closed region], distribution of weight is adjusted by editing vertices position.

Example, if you want to bend bones to one side only, anchors will be set as increasing the outside overlap than the inside.

Bones deform the object outside grately than inside. It looks more naturally.

(2) Drag direction of rotation handle is changed.

From Ver.4.5.6, direction of rotation by ring handle is changed as same as direction of mouse drag.

Before(Until Ver.4.5.5)

Regardless of the rotation axis, rotate the object by dragging a mouse right or left.

Direction of rotation is changed by viewpoint even if you drag a mouse same direction.


You will drag a mouse to direction you want to rotate along each belt of rotation handle, and rotate the object.

It is operation more simple than previous because direction of rotation is same as direction of mouse drag.

(3) Dividing a quadrangle face to triangle is improved.

Until Ver.4.5.5, when symmetric quadrangle faces is created by [Symmetry edit] or [Mirroring], it isn't displayed correct because it is not symmetry that dividing to triangle by system.

In Ver4.5.6, it is improved. Quadrangle faces look symmetry better than previous version.

Until Ver.4.5.5

In Ver.4.5.6