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About Metasequoia
Before purchasing license
For Purchase
About license and serial ID
To re-issue the license

About Metasequoia

Can I use Metasequoia or MetasequoiaLE for commercial purposes?
Yes. You can use Metasequoia and MetasequoiaLE for any purposes including commercial use.
Can I confirm that the exported file by Metasequoia is valid in other software without a license authentication?
Yes. You can check it by trial license. Please refer to "Get a trial" page.
Can I confirm that Metasequoia can use the file output in the other soft without a license authentication?
Without a license authentication, you can import most of the files in Metasequoia. Please download and check the operation of Metasequoia.
But, part of the file format (PLY, STL, PMD, etc.) can not be imported without a license. If you want to check them, please Get a trial license.
Where is Metasequoia for Linux?
There is no plan to develop for Linux edition. sorry.

Before purchasing license

How can I purchase Metasequoia?
By paying via PayPal, you can purchase. Please see the "Purchase" page.
Can I purchase on behalf of the family or friend?
Yes. We will issue a license to the purchaser. Please you pass the license to the family or friend.

For Purchase

I paid the price, but the license cannot be delivered.
Check the "Purchase" page. If you do not yet send us an E-mail of Step 2, please send the E-mail to us.
If there is no reply of e-mail, check the next sections.
I sent the E-mail, but the license issued by E-mail is not delivered.
We need a few days to deliver the E-mail. Please wait.
If the E-mail does not reach more than a week, may trouble has occurred in the mail.
Please send us E-mail again. If you have another E-mail address, please send from that address.

About license and serial ID

Can I enter the same serial ID to multiple PC?

The number that you can enter the serial ID to PC or Mac is defined in the Terms of Service. It depends on your usage patterns.

If Metasequoia 4user is only one person, you can enter the serial ID to your own computers up to two. The computer includes both a Windows PC or Mac.


  • Entering the serial ID to your one home PC and one portable PC.
  • Entering the serial ID to one Windows PC and one Mac.

If you want to use Metasequoia 4 on three or more computers, you need to add new license.

And, if you install the Metasequoia to a shared computer by multiple users, the license can be entered to one computer only.

Can I use both 32bit and 64bit version by entering the same serial ID?
Can I use both for Windows and OS X version by entering the same serial ID?

Serial ID can authenticate both for Windows(32bit/64bit) and macOS / OS X.
In one PC or Mac, you can install multiple Metasequoia. Please count the license on a per-machine basis.

I bought a new PC. Can I enter a previously purchased serial ID?
If you discard your old PC, you need not to count it as the licensed PC. By counting the currently available PC, check the upper limit of the license.
Can I use a purchased license in future versions?
If you have "Metasequoia 4 license", updates of Ver4.x.x is free. For version 5 or later is undetermined.

To re-issue the license

I lost a serial ID. Can you re-issued to me?
If you have lost your serial ID or password, please send E-mail to us. If we check your name and E-mail address that you have used to purchase the license, we will re-issue the serial ID and password.
When you do not know the user name and the e-mail address, or when it is not left to our record, it cannot be re-issued. Please once again purchase a license.