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[8761] Feature question / Shane
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Sorry that I don't speak Japanese!
I'm testing Metasequoia as I like the features it has that my current tool (sketchup) doesn't have (and its price is amazing!) There are some things that speed up my modeling process in Sketchup but I can't find a way to do them in Metasequoia - can you please tell me if it has these features, or if they are planned?
1) While using various tools, sketchup allows you to press an arrow key - this will lock the tool you are using to a specific axis (eg. if I press "up", the tool now locks to the Y axis, if I press "left" it locks to the X axis, "right" locks to the Z axis). Does Metasequoia have keys that lock tools to an axis please? I know I can do it with the "Edit Option" buttons, but keys would be a lot easier as I want to keep swapping which axis I'm working in.
2) While using a tool (eg. the line drawing tool) in Sketchup, I can type a value to make the line the length I type. Metasequoia looks like it will do this, but I have to click on the model to start drawing a line, then click in the "Create Face" window text box and type the number in. Is it possible to support setting dimensions by typing numbers without clicking in the text box? Sketchup also lets you type a number after finishing using a tool to set the size - this is a really handy feature that it would be great if Metasequoia could support.
3) Is there a way to extrude to a specific size? I can extrude a face using the mouse, but there's no text box for me to type in a specific size so I have to get it close to the right size with the mouse then manually fix each vertex. In sketchup I'd select the extrude tool, select the face, then type the size I want, and it would extrude to exactly the right location.
4) The extrude tool seems to ignore my "snap to" settings (e.g. I have "Interval = 0.1m" but I can extrude a face 0.4369 instead of either 0.4 or 0.5). Is this a bug? v4.7.4c
5) Can Metasequoia draw 2D circles or arcs? The only way I've found to do this was to draw a cylinder, then erase all the parts that I didn't want.
Thanks for your time!
2020-07-19 14:38


[8765] Re: Feature question / Shane
Thank you for taking the time to reply to my questions. I hope being able to lock tools to a particular axis with keys, and tools for adding curves are something you will consider for a future release.
2020-07-21 21:34
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