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[9571] Direct x or .x importer / Moggy
Not necessary [Question] Response
Will you be implementing a .x importer?


2022-11-03 17:21

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[9650] Re: Direct x or .x importer / Moggy
>>>the .x format maybe old but its still supported by some people in the industry.
>>I don't know what industry you're in, but I believe it is risky in every respect to continue to use an industrial system that relies on old technology and does not support modern formats.
>>However, if you must do so, as already mentioned, an external converter can solve the problem right now. Have you considered that option?

No matter , I found a number of free solutions that don’t involve online conversions! It’s a shame there is no .x importer for your software. Life find a way!
2023-01-18 00:51
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